Nueva Galia,
San Luis

This plant is strategically located at the intersection of National Routes 188 and 148, which allows us to ship pipes in directly from all the suppliers in the country and ship them out to the oil fields in Neuquén and Mendoza provinces.

This facility has more than 3,500 built square meters, an overhead crane, and a 38,000-square-meter pipe storage yard. These features make our plant the largest facility in surface specifically dedicated to the production of thermal-coated pipes in the region.

We have recently added a line of thermoplastic pipes to produce liners and pipelines. This new production line is currently in production.

Industrial Park

PSS owns 5 hectares in the new oil and gas Industrial Area in Neuquén Province, , near the Neuquén Airport. In that same Industrial park, companies such as Weatherford, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Calfrac, among others, have already set foot.

PSS will kick off production in the coming months.
Our facilities boast cutting-edge technologies in the market. This facilitys proximity to the oil and gas corridor, which links the Industrial Park and the area with the greatest oil and gas production, will allow PSS to coat double joint pipes.